Аutumn in the Carpathians ... :-)
Аutumn in the Carpathians ... :-)

Weather conditions in autumn in the Carpathians ... :-)

But we were lucky, the snow was only at the observatory, there was very little rain, but the mud was a shaft. The last day of the descent passed along roads that were rutting to the timber trucks, where the shoes did not hesitate to plunge into the mud. On this road we walked about 2 hours. Then there was the bathing of boots in the creek (they just wandered along the creek in dirty boots), although it was a matter of minutes, but they stood and did not get wet (it would be interesting to walk along the dew for several hours, I remember how in the Caucasus my heaped up Salomon mountain boots after a similar walk As a result, they missed the water).

Well, do not forget about a good technological toe - the most important element of the composition is "reliable shoes."

For the whole trip, only one pair of socks was used. Yes, a little frayed, but rushed in comfort.


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