I have "TALAN"
I have "TALAN"

I have (after so many years of possession of Salomon, Boreal and Tretet) - by their own free will and without coercion - domestic trekking boots! )))

Namely - TALAN "Breeze", a summer boot with a high tibia ("Breeze" has a close relative - "Plastun", he is lower).

Not because I can not buy something tested, but because I wanted to try myself, what they are, and not read other people's reports and reviews.

Bought to replace the demi-season Salomon, I will not even say how many years they lived. Death came from the complete wear of the pattern of the sole - there is now a protector - like slippers about. Who in the subject - they are Romanian)))

I share the very first impressions (nothing special - 4 days in the Carpathians, but we have to start somewhere).

Weather - rain, mud, temperature from 20 at the beginning to 0 at the end.

1. Details of the top and bottom of the shoe are still together and firmly hold on to each other)))
2. Feet all four days - dry and warm, neither hot nor cold, there were about 20 heat in the early days, and at the end the temperature dropped to zero. Wet in shoes, where he could - in the water, in the mud (the mud was suitable - cutting down after a long day of rain). Very comfortable, at least for the time being (we'll look at the membranes as we wear and wear, but for now - perfectly). Sprayed a day before the departure of the "native" spray, which comes complete with shoes. By the way, it stinks much less than expected.
I do not know what will happen next (boots new + processed, that did not get wet - quite expected result), but it looks very encouraging.
3. Nothing rubs and does not put pressure. Those. nothing at all. Despite the fact that the shoes are almost out of the box (bought the day before departure).
I have the size 42.5, the 42nd on my leg sat perfectly. We walked quite a lot, long ascents and descents under the backpack (20-30 kg), no discomfort. For all the time, not a single scuff, plaster was not glued at all. He was wearing a trekking sock. On the descent of the fingers does not press, on the rise the heel does not rub.
4. The sole very well keeps on wet stones, on dry - keeps tightly. As, actually, and should. Knowledgeable people say that it is set up by Lowa. As a result, I liked it very much.
5. In the box - another pair of insoles, second shoelaces (thicker and longer than those with which the shoes are laced up when buying), a spray for the care of shoes.
6. The price is 2790 UAH. Those. Significantly cheaper than similar trekking shoes, which are sold in out-of-town stores.

I would not compare Talans with Lowa, La Sportiva, etc. This is another "weight category". But the price is incomparable - TALANS are at least twice cheaper, and even three times.

"Let's sum up the results" (c).

. While the impression - very, very good. How will happen next - time will tell.

What would you like:

1. I do not see advertising. Why Talan so passively advertises these shoes - I do not understand.
2. From vagaries: on a dull A4 paper (instruction), enclosed in a box, everything is correctly written, but for the civil version of the boot you need a bright stylish booklet, it will be a completely different impression. And a civilian box would be nice to do a little more interesting (a better cardboard, well, and some kind of minimal design). It's kind of a trifle, but it's not trifles really.
I do not think that from this in the end, boots will rise in price.

P.S. As I understand it, right now the acting army is getting a practical same summer boot, and all of this is really good news.

P.P.S. If anyone decides to buy - do not be lazy and tell the sellers at Epicenter Military about their experience - they will be grateful, since the shoes only appeared on sale, and they do not know anything about them in the store.

In the picture - my couple after the first attempt to wash them))


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